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Podcast & Spot Production

Frontstage provides comprehensive high-fidelity recording services for the production of ads/spots, podcasts, voice overs and more.
Frontstage creates wide-ranging content, narrated by radio producers, stand-up comedians, journalists, bloggers, actors, directors. Having on its roster the most famous radio presenters, as well as creative copywriting, Frontstage creates wide-ranging content, narrated by radio producers, stand-up comedians, journalists, bloggers, actors, directors, etc.

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Audiobook Production

Frontstage Entertainment has collaborated with the biggest Greek publishers for children's books and has produced over 300 audiobooks for its brand new platform, Kids Radio+. These audiobooks include fairytales, original stories, myths, and fables and many more. We have, also, created high-quality content, that can be enjoyed both by kids and parents, by composing original music for each audiobook and with the participation of 10 main narrators, 25 secondary voices and 3 specialized sound designers and musicians!
The production of audiobooks gives the opportunity to a significant number of people, of various social groups, to easily enjoy something that many take for granted. Audiobooks can travel easier than books and can reach homes and schools in remote areas where children may not have access to large libraries and bookstores. At the same time audiobooks are an inclusive solution for the blind and visually impaired. They also help people with reading difficulties and encourage them to find joy in reading and discover literary genres that wouldn’t read in a hard copy.
At Frontstage Entertainment we love making great audiobooks, and we are happy that we can offer kids the enjoyment of listening to them, anywhere and everywhere!

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Live Stage Booking

No matter the occasion, our live stage is the perfect venue to host unique live music events, DJ sets, and custom corporate events. Our versatile, multi-functional venue hosts up to 100 people and offers catering and promotion options. The stage features multicam coverage and video production as well as multichannel recording and broadcasting.
It has hosted a number of concerts and events for radio stations En Lefko 87.7, RED 96.3, HiT 88.9, Melodia 99.2, as well as corporate and PR events.

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Live Streaming

Live Streaming allows viewers the opportunity to experience any event live from our customers’ websites and social media platforms (and/or Frontstage stations for an even wider audience reach).
- Live streaming from the Frontstage live stage
- HD Cameras with Tripod, professional microphones, and aux input
- Single and/or split screen image
- Branding on set and graphics cues
- Audience interaction
- Music and video cues
- Live editing
- Simultaneous social media live stream
- Organization and implementation on Frontstage’s live stage
- Full television and sound coverage with state-of-the-art equipment
- Custom made branding at the venue
- Live directing and editing by top production teams
- Full postproduction

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