Event Production


At Frontstage, our experienced in-house production team takes care of every stage of your event, from conception, design, planning, coordination, production, technical support, and marketing. With our blend of meticulous planning, creativity, efficient communication and extensive network of contacts, we are a “one stop shop” for delivering unique and diverse events


Concerts, Festivals & Cultural Events

Frontstage Entertainment specializes in the production of music and cultural events, such as concerts, music and movie festivals, stand-up comedy and theatrical events, dj sets, as well as delivering unique shows and showcasing new talent.

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Corporate Events

Frontstage plans and delivers corporate and custom-made events, combining rich experience in live events production with personalized service and impeccable execution. Concerts, live acts, catwalks, parties, digital events,  exhibitions, conferences and seminars, PR events, live streamed DJ  sets, are only some of the events we have implemented for our customers!

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Parties & DJ sets

Frontstage undertakes the organization of high-quality events with the best live acts and top DJ Sets from our rooster.

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Event Awards

Frontstage has been nominated and granted a series of Event Awards in multiple award categories.

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