Melodia 99.2

Melodia 99.2 is the No. 1 station for sophisticated contemporary Greek music (“entehno”) nationwide, with more than 219,000 listeners tuning in daily and 850,000 weekly. It is one of the pioneering radio stations in Athens that was established as the leading station of the Greek artful “entehno” repertoire from 1991 until today.

Melodia 99.2 contributes to the consolidation of Greek “entehno” music, both by ensuring that the “Great Classics” reach younger audiences, as well as with the “Voices of Today” that define the new current of Greek music. At the same time, with the "Cassettes of Melodia", the station strengthens the love for Greek song, immortalizing the charm of the concert music experience.

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HiT 88.9

Over 1 million listeners tune into today’s most feelgood radio station for top international hits, making HiT 88.9 Greece’s No 1 adult pop station.

With its positive energy, HiT 88.9 is the perfect soundtrack to the contemporary lifestyle of 175,000 daily listeners. All the great HiTs of today and the past decade, the most delightful girl-power production team and unique competitions make HiT 88.9 your #feelgood companion! The fans of the station can enjoy more music by clicking the thematic online radio at

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En Lefko 87.7

En Lefko 87.7 is the most influential and eclectic radio station in Greece, and the No 1 alternative music radio station nationwide.
With “Laternative”, Renos Charalambidis, Spyros Pagiatakis, Sakis Tsitomeneas, En Lefko 87.7 is home to the biggest radio personalities, and the best alternative and eclectic music on the dial.

More than 129,000 listeners tune into 87.7 FM daily and 514,000 weekly, in order to discover taste-defining music and experience unique events, parties, and DJ sets. Listeners also enjoy eclectic music with 5 curated online radios and podcasts.

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RED 96.3

RED 96.3 is the No 1 rock music station in Greece. It consistently ranks first among foreign repertoire stations nationwide. Over 185,000 listeners tune in daily to RED 96.3 and over 1 million listeners tune in monthly.

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Kids Radio 88.6

Kids Radio 88.6 is the first children’s radio in Greece, and the only one in Europe to also transmit over airwaves (broadcasting in Athens on 88.6FM) as well as everywhere online. Created with children’s daily routine in mind, Kids Radio 88.6 features children’s songs, nursery rhymes, stories, and educational content for newborns to tweens (0-11 years).

Kids Radio 88.6 aims to reduce screen time while offering high quality music and audio entertainment for over 98,400 families (min 197,000 listeners) daily and 93,000 unique listeners monthly online. Sound, music, voices, and fairytale audiobooks develop children’s imagination, while giving adults an easy and high-quality educational pastime with their kids.

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