En Lefko Drive-in Cinema

En Lefko Drive-in Cinema

at Lycabettus Hill

An impromptu Drive-in Cinema experience on Lycabettus hill, with a view of the Athenian skyline! For a sunset, En Lefko 87.7 listeners drive to the Lycabettus parking lot to enjoy an exclusive event with special movie screenings, nachos, ice cream, popcorn and the company of friends. 
Frontstage conceived and developed the idea, undertook the production, venue sourcing, booking and film licensing, technical coverage and customer service

Special feature: the film audio is broadcast from car radios and on the frequency of En Lefko, on 87.7!

Frontstage conceived and developed the idea, undertook the production, the venue sourcing, the booking and film licensing, the technical coverage and customer service.


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